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Servant Spirit Ministries was founded for the purpose of getting back to Yeshua's (Jesus Christ's) method of ministry of being a servant first and because there are many holes in the way other organizations assist those in need. There are many "sub-ministries" that are the goals of Servant Spirit Ministries, some are up and running and others are pending the appropriate growth and funding to implement. Our goals are not meant to "step on toes" of those that are actually doing something, but rather fill the gaps and be a central location to find the appropriate resource per needs of individuals/families. As you might have figured out by now, we ARE a CHRISTIAN group and put Christ first in all we do. To find out more about our different current/pending "sub-ministries" please visit the "Services" page. Everything done here at Servant Spirit Ministries is done as a Church, without self-pecuniary interest, as if we are non-profit with or without the appropriate Government tax labels.(The early churches at Antioch, etc. and Peter, Paul, etc did not have to file for 501(c)3 status. (our status is unincorporated and will remain that way.))


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Has been a Christian since a young age, saved in a non-denominational church in Terral, Oklahoma. Spent most of his life growing up in Texas. Tail end of Teenage years were in southern Oregon. Joined the US Navy in 1994. Rev Miller has been homeless many times than can count and knows what it is to have to survive on the streets and still maintain faith. Rev Miller is married (12/17/2011) to his wife Peggie Miller with 1 daughter together. Rev Miller does have 2 boys from prior relationships that he hasn't seen in years. Rev Miller has had relatives pass from Cancer and other ailments. Rev Miller's other occupations have included TruckDriver, Security Officer and Customer Service Representative. Rev Miller can be found on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and is listed as an Independent Ordained Christian Minister at NACM

 Mrs Miller grew up in Hornell, NY and has lived in New York state most of her life. Mrs Miller does have 2 prior marriages (losing her first husband to a fatal accident and losing her abusive second husband to cancer). Mrs Miller has served in the US Army post 9/11/01 and has been a survivor of breast cancer/abuse(all)/substance abuse survivor. Mrs Miller has lost 2 children to the "system" and 3 children to "Heaven". Mrs Miller grew up with a Catholic/Wesleyan background and lost her mother at an early age to preliminary hyper-tension. Mrs Miller has also been homeless many times for various reasons. Mrs Miller is also a Christian with a very caring heart, yet a VERY NO-Nonsense personality (mostly due to the drama of the aforementioned past experiences). Mrs Miller is Married (12/17/2011) to Rev Eric W Miller with 1 daughter (Ursel) in common. Mrs Miller's past occupations included: LPN, Culinary Arts student. Mrs Miller can be found on Facebook and Twitter

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